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Women and HIV

Women account for one in four new HIV diagnoses and deaths caused by AIDS in the United States. Kaiser Permanente created a women’s clinic a decade ago to meet the needs of women with HIV. To learn more, please visit kp.org/hivchallenge

HIV and COVID-19

Dr. Stacey Rizza from the Mayo Clinic explains more about the implications of having COVID-19 and HIV.

How is Transgender Classified in Medicine

Transgender Classification/Coding is still a debate in Medical Protocols

Video CDC/NovaSalud En Espanol

Important information from the CDC regarding COVID-19 in Spanish

Video CDC/NovaSalud Coronavirus English

Important Information from the CDC regarding COVID-19 in English

How To Explain LGBT To Your Kids

Dr. Sarah Garwood/St. Louis Children’s Hospital tells us how to explain kids about LGBT

Kids Meet a Gay Conversion Therapy Survivor

Watch this awesome video about Conversion Therapy

Juneteenth in REal TEa REal TAlk

Racism is one of the main reasons of inequality in the world

A Celebration of Identity and Culture

POZ 100-Gia Martinez

Recently Gia had the honor to be one of the POZ-100 leaders. Gia is a Transgender and Gender non Conforming and Nonbinary advocate in the Latino community.

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