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A weakened immune system can make you more vulnerable if you become ill, including with COVID-19. Ongoing care and treatment keeps HIV suppressed and the immune system working as it is supposed to be.

Left untreated, HIV attacks the body’s immune system, specifically CD4 cells, which fight off infections. Antiretrovirals keep HIV in check to keep you healthy.

Learn more about Staying Healthy with HIV during COVID-19.

Taking the right measures to combat the spread of coronavirus, Expressions from all over the world!

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How Fast A Vaccine Can Be Developed

When A Pandemic is Over

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This Argentinian group of aerobics shows us, how to combat coronavirus by staying healthy.
This video from Vietnam gives useful information about how to eliminate the spread of coronavirus.
This video of Thailand brings an enlightening way on how to handle the spread of coronavirus.

Here you can find opinions on how to protect you and your family from the Novel Coronavirus Disease COVID-19, as well measures on how to prevent its spread in our communities.

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