This is NovaSalud’s portfolio, a series of programs carefully developed to obtain results while including fun in our job. Our dedication and commitment is rewarded with the warmth and recognition of the entire population we serve.

Outreach / Engagement

Community Engagement

NovaSalud’s programs promote education and awareness in the community by connecting with our diverse population. More than a decade of dedication has granted us being an important member of Northern Virginia’s Health, we take this responsibility seriously and we work everyday to maintain and increase our knowledge and understanding of the factors that already impact or may affect our population.

Outreach / Engagement


NovaSalud’s transgender program is nationally recognized as one of the most vibrant and complete programs in place. What is our most important achievement? The love and recognition of the Transgender Community across Northern Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.

MSM / Engagement


Our health comprehensive programs cover our diverse populations, man having sex with man is one of the most active ones. Understanding how our diverse populations interact and communicate, is a key element to capture the right idea while achieving our educational and preventive goal.

Outreach / Engagement

Ryan White

NovaSalud’s community programs engage a multiracial, multicultural community participating in Health Fairs, Walks and Marathons, Community Boards, and Pilot Programs. Our effort is directed to amplify our outreach, collaborate actively, and improve our understanding of the different populations that we serve.

Partnership / Prevention

Testing Sites

Actually we partner with 45 health organizations, hospitals and clinics, with testing stands and mobile units across the entire DMV:

CSB Crossroads Community Service Board

New Generation Community Outreach Center

Rainbow Tuesday Clinic

Garland Community Service Board

Baileys Crossroads Center

Phoenix House Counseling Center

Greater Prince Williams Community Health Center

Merrifield Community Service Board

Demeter House

Safe Haven Homeless with Behavioral Health or Substance Abuse.

Gum Springs Community Center

Fairfax Detox Center