Wili Ninja (Legend of The House)

Shows like “Pose” and “Legendary” give reference to the stars and impact of “Paris is Burning”. One of those stars which had a lasting affect on popular culture was Wili Ninja. He was a self taught dancer from New York. He developed his style of voguing in his 20s. Influenced by icons such as Michael Jackson & Fred Astaire. He crafted his own signature style which even had Madonna take notes. He was the muse for 1989’s “Deep in Vogue” music video. The video was not only a landmark for ballroom by showcasing it to many different markets but it along with the famed “Paris is Burning” gave Madonna her inspiration behind her #1 Billboard hit “Vogue” . Wili Ninja after the height of vogue’s mainstream popularity.. Still was praised and celebrated within his scenes. Although he passed away in 2006. His style, dance moves, and impact is just as strong today as it was in the late 80s. We thank you & can’t forget you Wili Ninja!

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