Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a space where youth with HIV can create their own community of peers where they are supported, their HIV status does not define them, feel connected with others and live their authentic truths.

Here at NovaSalud we know that together we can create a stigma and HIV-free community for our youth.

Our Services

Due to COVID-19, we are taking precautions to keep clients and staff safe including by only offering counseling and group support online and/or over the phone. This may change as developments occur.
For questions, please contact the Youth Program Coordinator.

Support Group

Meetup to talk about what its like to live with HIV and anything in life! Support one another through challenges and celebrate triumphs. The group support sessions are facilitated by peers living with HIV including the Youth Program Coordinator.

Socials & Activities

Board game nights, bingo, watch parties, bowling, field trips to museums and parks, karaoke night, YOU name it! Plan events and outings together to hangout, de-stress, and have fun.

Individual Counseling

We have a clinical social worker that is here for you! They can talk about and help you with concerns in your life like…

  • Personal concerns
  • Emotional Issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Communication Issues
  • Crisis intervention services
  • Financial Issues
  • Communication Issues
  • Parenting
  • Educational Counseling
  • Health management
  • Relocation and acculturation


Want a chance to lead a group or plan an event? Well here’s your chance! We have a co-facilitator position for group members where you can learn how to facilitate discussion, empower your peers, and create a supportive environment for your community. Contact us to find out more!

Education + Information

What is it Like Living with HIV/AIDS?
| Fill in The Blank

In honor of National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day members of the LGBTQ community fill in the blank with their personal experiences, feelings, and perspectives on what it’s like to live with HIV/AIDS. Let us all stand together in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

I am The Face of Addiction

A powerful student PSA about the prescription drug and heroin epidemic. The face of today’s heroin addict is quite different from years ago. The national age of overdosing is between 18-25. The impact of Hep C is emerging.

Expressing Myself. My Way.

Gender expression is how we choose to show the world where on the gender spectrum we identify. We can do that through clothing, makeup, jewelry, tone of voice, taking hormones, and more.

Coronavirus is not the flu.

Fighting misinformation: a video by Vox explaining the difference between the Coronavirus and the Seasonal Flu and debunking the myths.

How coronavirus spreads
outdoors vs. indoors

Can a runner give you Covid-19?

If you want to stay totally safe from Covid-19, and eliminate the risk of either getting it or transmitting it, you have to stay home. But as the weather gets warmer, public places start to open up, and many places enter their fourth month of life under coronavirus, that’s becoming less and less realistic.

At the same time, we know that coronavirus can be transmitted through the air — and that raises some pretty big questions. Is it safe to go the beach? What about a park? Is a heavy-breathing runner going to infect you as they pass you? In short: How do you go outside safely?