Board of Directors

Hugo Delgado - Board Member

Hugo Delgado - Executive Director / Member of BoD


Hugo Delgado has spent the last 20 years providing HIV prevention and care services in Northern Virginia. Mr. Delgado brings his extensive knowledge and experience in working with the community and developed an evidence-based outreach program based on the community peer health educator model which aims at reaching this often difficult to contact and at-risk population. This methodology utilizes effective prevention approaches, locations and times which maximize the program’s reach. 

Hugo is responsible for contract and grants development, and fundraising efforts, resulting in the agency’s current annual budget of over million. Mr. Delgado is a respected member of the Latino community in Northern Virginia and has a rapport with many leaders and members of different organizations. Mr. Delgado’s extensive experience and position in the Latino community makes him a prominent provider of HIV prevention and care services among the Latino communities. Most notably.

Mr. Delgado reached a 2 percent HIV positivity rate as a result of his innovative community testing and outreach program. Additionally, Mr. Delgado represents the organization at legislative hearings and other appropriate policy forums; he conferences with local state, and federal officials on community public health issues; meets with advisory boards, committees, the public and the media on community health matters. In Addition, Mr. Delgado has received a prestigious certificate of recognition for his active involvement in the fight against HIV/AIDS from City of Alexandria-Virginia.