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Closed on Monday 18th and Wednesday 20th of January

Cerrado el Lunes 18 y Miercoles 20 de Enero

New NovaSalud App/ Nuevo App NovaSalud

NovaSalud’s Harm Reduction Program

World Aids Day 2020 at NovaSalud!

Protect Yourself bag, ask for yours today!

Conexiones Positivas/Positive Links App

This is a new app that you can explore to take advantage of your care, your results, and get into contact right away with the right professional within or outside NovaSalud.

POZ 100-Gia Martinez

Recently Gia had the honor to be one of the POZ-100 leaders. Gia is a Transgender and Gender non Conforming and Nonbinary advocate in the Latino community.

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