We’re Passionate About Our Community!

Community outreach is an integral and indispensable component of all our programs. Through outreach, health educators and staff collaborate with networks to support our communities. NovaSalud seeks to improve community health through engagement, outreach and comprehensive testing and counseling. In our continuous efforts, we work to strengthen the health and wellbeing of residents in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

How We Help Our Community

NovaSalud is devoted to making the community a better place. We participate in many community events and provide HIV/STI testing at local sites throughout the year. Our Health Educators are knowledgeable in community health, speaking and promoting health awareness, HIV/STI prevention and education.
  • HIV/STI counseling and testing onsite
  • HIV/STI prevention education & referrals to support services
  • Linkage to HIV care and support services
  • Support community health fairs & events
  • Provide condoms & safe sex packets

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