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Community outreach is an integral and indispensable component of all our programs. Through outreach, health educators and staff collaborate with networks to support our communities. NovaSalud seeks to improve community health through engagement, outreach and comprehensive testing and counseling. In our continuous efforts, we work to strengthen the health and wellbeing of residents in the Washington DC metropolitan area.

How we help our Community

NovaSalud’s mission is to improve and strengthen the health and well-being of our diverse Northern Virginia community through culturally-competent and language-appropriate HIV/AIDS prevention services and education free of charge to all. NovaSalud is committed to making our community a healthier place. Our Health Educators and Community Health Workers are knowledgeable and committed to providing quality HIV/STI prevention education, counseling and referral services. We provide:

  • HIV/STI Counseling, Education, and Testing
  • Linkage to HIV Care and Support Services
  • Referral to Other Support Services
  • Community Health Fairs and Events
  • Condoms and Safe Sex Kits

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As required by law, we make public our most recent IRS 990 Form-Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax. For the eleventh consecutive year NovaSalud Inc. recorded audited taxes with spotless results and the highest recommendations from external auditors and the governmental supervising agencies that oversee our operations. NovaSalud devotes itself to make the most of the funds that receives. Every year NovaSalud Inc. improves its processes and procedures to show transparency in every transaction or activity that introduces as part of its operations. That is the way NovaSalud Inc. retributes those who donate to the organization and entrust us with their desire to help others by funding our programs. Thank you very much for donating to us, we are grateful to have you as our donor.

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